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Magical forest

The collection combines the features of timeless design with the values ​​of high-class painting, surprising with the richness of shapes, colors and textures. Inspired by the world of plants, the nostalgic designs were created in the 70s of the last century by Franciszek Michałek. His murals for sanatoriums in Ciechocinek, now transformed into large-format wallpapers, have lost none of their magic. They stimulate emotions, opening the door to the inner world of our imagination. At the same time, thanks to the tasteful color palette based on shades of blue and green, they have retained their tension-soothing and calming power.

Wallpapers from the Magic Forest collection can dominate the space, which is why we recommend them especially for hotels or large open offices. On the other hand, when properly displayed in smaller interiors, they will attract attention, becoming the axis for original arrangements. Although they are naturally associated with the boho style, they harmoniously fit into the nostalgia for the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, futuristic trends and even glamor.

In 2017, the Magic Forest wallpaper collection was honored with the prestigious Must Have label, awarded by the experts of the Łódź Design Festival.

Detailed information on the use and properties of our artistic wallpapers can be found in the Designer Zone tab.

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