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Gray Mirages

The collection is monochrome and consists of wallpapers, the starting point of which were drawings by Franciszek Michałek made in the mid-1960s. The lack of color is perfectly compensated by the mastery of the drawing as well as the richness and variety of textures, creating a subtle, surreal atmosphere of individual projects. The sophisticated figures of people, animals, visions of the urban landscape will especially appeal to people sensitive to nuances and seekers of original artistic solutions. Each of the wallpapers in this collection intrigues with its style, form and atmosphere.

Wallpaper patterns from the Gray Mirages collection are selected like works of art, referring to emotions. Each one will harmoniously integrate with any interior decorated in any style. They can  constitute a kind of counterpoint to the saturated or pastel colors of furniture and accessories or complement the black and white styling. They will also create a great composition with natural greenery. And just like paintings, Gray Mirages do not like competition, it is worth giving them the entire wall, effects guaranteed.

Detailed information on the use and properties of our artistic wallpapers can be found in the Designer Zone tab.

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